Non carb snacks

Non carb snacks Quest List of Snacks with less than 5 Grams of Carb #nocarbsnacks #diabeticsnacks whole30snacks #ketosnacks #noncarbsnacks #zerocarbsnacks Pinterest comments: “Mmmmm olives and goldfish! Eggs and cheese actually have 0-1 carbs so you could have more than one for under 5 carbs. Like this list! I really like this list of low carb snacks.. Sometimes it’s easy to start eating the same old snacks over and over. Glad I came across this pin.” link (Version below modified to be grain-free snacks)

Here are 50 more Low or Non Carb Snack ideas:

50 Easy Non carb Low Carb Keto Snack Ideas to help you succeed ! #easyketosnacks #ketosnacks #lowcarbsnacks #noncarbsnacks #carbswitch

hard boiled eggs
peanut butter and celery
carrot sticks and hummus
ham and cream cheese roll-ups
pork rinds
cottage cheese and raspberries
string cheese
sunflower seeds
pepperoni slices and cheese cubes
stuffed mushrooms
turkey and swiss cheese rollups
baked Parmesan crisps
bacon slices
beef or turkey jerky
bacon and cream cheese bites
pickles and cheddar cheese slices
bacon, lettuce and tomato wraps
tuna and lettuce wraps
asparagus and bacon bundles
plain full fat yogurt
cucumbers and ranch dip
lunch meats

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