25 One Pot Meals for the busy Mom

I’m vowing to get my domestic butt in gear once school starts and my youngest is in Kindergarten. Part of that vow includes preparing more home cooked meals for my family. While my intentions are good, I know that things can go from zero to crazy in 6.1 seconds…..especially when school and soccer season starts. Part of my plans for success include actually making a plan for once. And that’s where this collection of 25 One Pot Meals comes into play. These one pot meals are all dinners that can be whipped up in one pan. Let’s hear it for less after dinner clean-up!

Not only is this collection great for the soccer/baseball/football/basketball mom but it’s also a wonderful resource for the hard-working moms and dads who work full time and then come home and need to prepare dinner for their families. These recipes should hopefully cut down their time in the kitchen after a hard day at work.

For full recipe, you can go here : https://www.thegirlcreative.com

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